RF Portable Wall Panel


86 Type Portable Wireless Switch

  • Remote ON/OFF – Turn electrical devices on/off usinf 433Mhz
  • RF remote – Switch Light connecting to Sonoff T1 series
  • Portable  – No need to pull the cable, can be glue in to any surface
Gangs No.
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As SONOFF discontinue 86 Type Switches this is a replacement which can be connected through 433Mhz with all RF enable switches. This option is very ideal to replace stair-core bridge connection so common in Ireland or UK. Just use one of the T1 switches (link below) on the main wall switch and you can install second one on the other side of the stairs. 

The set includes:

•  RF switch 

•  Double side stickers

•  Manual 


Battery CR2032 or mounting bolts (if needed) are not included

Data sheet

No of switches
Power Supply
100 - 240 V AC

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