About us

We are only one official distributor of Sonoff products for Irish market.

Sonoff products can offer full control of the home appliance over the internet without the need of additional bridge or router. There is not hidden costs, and everything can be operated by the free app.

Without additional costs you can schedule to switch the light on/off, set the timer going out or going to sleep. You can turn the heater on before coming home or jar of hot water can wait on your arrival ;) For the standard switch all you need is a power (two cables Negative and Positive) & the WiFi access. You can install the switch remotely without WIFI and operate through GSM to open the gate or turn on/off other appliances at remote locations.

Please browse through our shop to find perfect solution for yourself. We can do the custom arrangements as well on the special requests, please feel free to contact at office@sonoff.ie