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Sonoff Pow R2

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Remote Control  –Turn electronic devices on/off from anywhere

 Monitor Energy Usage  –Keep track of live power, current and voltage of your appliances on App

Historical Energy Consumption  –100-day daily/monthly energy usage data and total electricity cost

Overload Protection  –Set power, current and voltage threshold values to let appliances auto-off

Measure Power Usage for a Period  –Measure your appliances’ power consumption for a specified time

Timing Function –Supports 8 enabled scheduled/countdown timers

Share Control –Invite your family to control your smart home together

Scene–Turn on/off a gang of devices with one tap or triggered on/off by another smart device

Smart Scene–Triggered on/off by temp, hum or other environmental conditions from a sensor

APP Supported –Free iOS and Android eWeLink app

Compatibility –Works perfectly with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Google Nest





Sonoff POW R2 is a 15A WiFi smart light switch that allows you to remotely manage and control your appliances and monitor your home energy usage. The WiFi light switch works like a power monitor, which allows you to keep track of 99% accurate real-time current, voltage and power on your app.

The power switch can protect your appliances from overload. What you need to do is to set threshold values for the current, voltage and power. It works like a kWh calculator that can measure electricity consumption for a specified period and a day. The eWeLink app provides 100 days recorded electricity usage data, which you can export to your phone storage. You can keep track of how much energy your appliances are consuming and estimate your running costs.

With the Sonoff POW R2 power monitoring switch you can spend less on your electricity bill. The timers schedule your appliances automatically power on and off at a defined time. The scene lets your appliances work together in new ways, like setting the heater auto-off when the door light is off.

Data sheet

Wi-Fi Frequency
2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n
Enclosure Material
Fire Retardant ABS
114 x 52 x 32 mm
Voltage Range
100-240V AC
Max Current
Operating Temperature
0ºC - 40ºC
Operating Humidity
5% - 90%

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