Smoke detector 3in1 433MHz


·       Supports 3 alarm ways: Independent sound, light&sound alarm, wireless 433MHz transmission.

·       Full snap-in patented structure, simple installation, no need for debugging and wiring.

·       360° detection, is safe and reliable.

·       Built-in 110 dB sound and light alarm tips, effective prompt evacuation.

·       Low consumption, long standby life for 3 years using.

·       Low voltage alarm, when the battery voltage is less than 6.8V, a warning tone is issued to remind the user to replace the battery.

·       Mainly used for fire detection. When a fire occurs, the wireless smoke detector immediately sends an alarm and sends a 433 signal to the home alarm or the app engine. The wireless transmission distance is 150~200 meters. It is widely used in homes, factories, schools, shops, convenience stores, financial offices, villas, and communities. Protection and fire place.





 3 in 1 Smoke Detector Wireless 433MHz for Fire Security Alarm Protection Alarm Sensor for Home Factory Security Alarm System

 Works with SONOFF RF bridge & Alarm G90B available on separate listing


(Battery is not included)



·       Model: C50W

·       Power supply: DC9V/2x6F22 Replaceable Battery (Not included)

·       Transmit frequency 433.92, transmit code 1527 protocol

·       Transmittance distance: ≥150M(Open Distance)

·       Static current: <10uA

·       Alarm Current: <40mA

·       Alarm loudness loudness: ≥85dB

·       Low Voltage Alarm: 6.8V

·       Working Temperrature: -10⁰C ~60⁰C

·       Relative Humidity: ≤95%

·       Installation Height: ≥6m

·       Product Size: 100 x 100 x 34mm

·       Certification: Conforming to FCC/CE/ROHS/EN14604 Standards




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