Door & Window Vibro sensor


Vibration sensor which can be paired with our SONOFF bridge or Home Alarm available in our ALARMS section

It is coming with the battery as a standard (12V A23/E23A type)

This can be used as panic button as well as vibro sensor.






Once it detects any vibration, it will automatically send wireless signal to the control panel of alarm. It needs to work with alarm panel together, can’t work alone. It protects 24 h/day to prevent from entering the protected door, window and ceiling and so on (drill, strike, saw etc.). Popular used for window, door, safe box, cash box, ATM, night safe guard box, wall, ceiling, device, file cabinet etc.. With the high-quality sensitive unit it guarantees good performance. Long life, high performance rate ratio, prevent from false alarm.


Hidden SOS button integrated with LED light

user can add the SOS button to alarm panel in advance (please change the zone type to emergency zone).

If you are in danger, you can press this hidden button for SOS help

Installation procedure

1.     Remove the battery insulating strip from the detector

2.     Add the sensor to the Alarm panel (follow instructions on your Alarm system)

3.     Stick the vibration sensor vertically by the double tape on the target which you want to protect (window glass, door, frame etc)

4.     Test with your alarm if all works


Our sensor works on 433MHz frequency, it can't work alone, it needs to work with alarm receiver together. Sensor can't generate the alarm sound on its own, it only will emit 433MHZ RADIO signal to the alarm receiver.


·       Triggered by shock or vibration

·       Working voltage:12V DC, with dry battery model:23A

·       Low battery voltage about 8V

·       Working current:≤20mA

·       Static current: ≤5μA

·       IC EV1527 Oscillator resistor:330k

·       Working frequency:433.92 MHZ

·       Transmitting istance:noninterference<100m

·       Emitting frequency:<10mw

·       Frequency tolerance:±0.2MHz

·       Operating temperature: indoor -10 ~ 50

·       related humidity ≤ 95% 9

·       Net.weight:0.05kg


Package includes:

Vibration sensor


Double tape




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