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Home alarm supporting wire and wireless sensors


Perfect solution for Irish homes. It supports wired and wireless sensors, so you can use the existing sensors at your home and turn it into the smart home. This device is supported by Alexa and SONOFF RF sensors or switches can be connected with it. Works over Wi-Fi but for security reason also supports GSM. You can operate your alarm and get notifications over to your phone without any extra monthly fee.

Please watch the instructional video to find out how to connect your alarm step by step. 


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1. Multi-language words menu WIFI /GSM/GPRS/SMS home alarm system

   Support Contact ID/SIA protocol for centre monitor station 

2.Android + IOS APP application easily control, Easy to give authorization.

3.Free charges through WiFi network. When there is no WIFI, the host will work with GPRS network. If there is neither WiFi nor GPRS network, then the alarm host will send alarm SMS and make alarm call.

4.Work with IP camera, The IP camera APP embeds in the host APP.
Users can monitor what happen at home wherever and whenever.

5.Workable with 100pcs smart socket/wireless relay output to control simple home appliances, relay outputs name and sockets name can be revised by users

6. Option for 8 scene settings and 20 IFTTT settings. Advanced home automation functions for perfect smart home life.

7.Workable with RFID wireless keypad

8. 20 seconds Leaving message remotely in APP.

9.Information push promptly when AC power lost or recovered or detectors in low voltage

10.Smart zone function: self-checking windows/doors status and chime reminds if door open

11.100 wireless defence zones, 8 wired defence zones , Zone names can be revised by users.

12.Support ”ding dong” doorbell function

13.Can store 6 alarm call phone No.+2 alarm SMS phone No.

14.Support Three zone types: 24H line, 1st line, 2st line.

15.Arm/alarm Delay for each defence zone. Timed arm/disarm function

16.Built-in rechargeable battery

17.The host support Monitoring and two-way intercom function

18. Certification:   CE-R TTE , FCC  


Scene is a serial of devices’ actions. For example, users can set a return home scene. When users Execute the scene, the living room light and the air-condition will be turned on. SONOFF T1, RF can be operated through.


What is linkage: a trigger which can be detector or time make one device or one scene act That is, when a sensor is triggered, the linked device will act

For example:

When the front door open, the front door lamp will be turned on.

When the front door open, the scene (the front door lamp turn on and the air-condition turn on) will act.

When it is 8am, the bedroom light will be turned on .

When it is 8am, the scene (the bedroom lamp turn on and the curtain open) will go off.  




Standard Kit Package


1 x GSM+WIFI Control Unit


2 x Remote Controller (Battery is included)



1 x Wireless P.I.R Motion Sensor (Battery is included)


1 x Wireless Door/Window Sensor (Battery is included)



1 x Power Supply

1 x User Manual (English language)


App to be downloaded here: Android & iOS

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