Circuit breaker


Smart Home WiFi Switch Light 2P 16A/25A/32A/40A/63A//80A/100A Circuit Breaker IoT Switch App Ewelink Remote Control Work With Alexa Google Home

We have only 2P 25Amps and 32Amps available at this moment for 1-2 days deliver, other options are on special order with delivery time extended by one week.

circuit breaker
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Built-in anti-jamming chip to enhance the stable transmission and reception of WIFI signals, to prevent clutter interference.

Professional EMC test
Professional EMC comprehensive testing to ensure safe and reliable communication process.

Impact withstand voltage 6000V
Guaranteed to increase the service life of equipment even under overpressure conditions
EMC electromagnetic interference performance
Experienced rapid transient burst immunity test, surge test, electrostatic discharge test, etc.The product remains intact.

High mechanical life
The product organization still maintains good operation after experiencing 10,000 operations per hour of 120 closing cycles.
Quick closing function
Improve the performance of opening and closing, prevent overheating and aging, and prolong service life
One mobile phone can control all electrical appliances with one APP
Island power supply, tower equipment, outdoor lighting, house power supply, field engineering, mountain facilities, street lighting control
WiFi : 2.4 Ghz 
Remote control : By smartphone application from anyway (the smartphone must connect to the internet by WiFi or data package) 
Application : eWeLink (free download in IOS and Andorid) 
Function : switch on / switch off / timer schedule/ smart scene 
Work with :  Alexa , google home , IFTTT . 
Protection : overload protection , short-circuit protection , isolating protection . 
Rated voltage: AC230V (1P, 2P) / AC400V (3P, 4P)
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Number of poles: 2P
Pollution level: level 2
Protection level: IP20
Rack rated current: 125A
Rated current: 125A, 100A, 80A, 63A, 40A, 32A
Instantaneous tripping form: C
Rated impulse withstand voltage: 6000V
Control level voltage: AC220V
Implementation standards: GB10963.1, IEC60898-1, GB/T21706
Control mode: working mode, pairing mode
Phase line leakage current: steady state current consumed per phase line ≤ 0.2mA
Drop test: in line with GB/T4857.18
EMC test: in line with GB/T18499-2008
Rated short-circuit breaking capacity: Icn=6kA Ics=6kA
Operating temperature: -25 ° C ~ +65 ° C
Mechanical life: in line with GB10963.1≥10000 times
Electrical life: in line with GB10963.1 ≥ 6000 times
Temperature rise test: ≤60k
Salt spray test: in line with GB/T 2423.1724h


Package Included:

1*Circuit Breaker

1*Instruction manual


Check if the WIFI router is 5G or 2.4G. This product supports 2.4G (if it is a dual-band router, please change to 2.4G)